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Do you find yourself in the midst of change…transition…a new life challenge? The Center for Life Transitions was created as a resource for you – as you navigate the transitions of living in this quickly changing world.

The Center for Life Transitions began as a resource for those in our community looking for work at the beginning of the 2008 financial crisis. Employment support programs continue to be one of our primary focus areas. We have recognized however, that there are many transitions – expected and unexpected – that effect our lives, and we want to be a resource for those as well. Health transitions, life cycle transitions, parenting transitions, all create “troubled waters”.

Our commitment is to provide a space and environment within the campus of The College Park Baptist Church where a holistic approach to ‘life transitions’ can flourish. Through creative community partnerships, this neighborhood center can serve as a way station, bringing support and encouragement for successful navigation of the whitewaters of transition.